21 Days of Releasing Grief & Journaling


Are you ready to release the grief you have been experiencing?

Ready to take the next step into a life of hope and unconditional love?

Grief is a strong, sometimes overwhelming emotion that people feel from the loss of a loved one or a loss of something important to them. One might feel sad, numb, or even removed from life on a daily basis after experiencing loss. It can be such an overwhelming and overpowering feeling of sadness or loss that one might be unable to carry on with daily chores and life itself.

Grief is a very natural reaction to this sense of loss. Everyone experiences grief and deals with it in a variety of ways. Some examples of loss include the death of a loved one, the ending of relationships, losing one’s job, loss of independence through illness, and loved ones moving away, such as to college. Everyone’s journey through these stages varies and it is a process that can’t be controlled. It must take its natural course. Understanding why they’re suffering and expressing one’s feelings can help, as can talking to others and trying to understand emotions that are coming up.

We invite you to join our 21 Days of Releasing Grief programme and its journaling experience. We ask you to have your own unique journal for this healing journey, as you will be releasing emotions and feelings and discovering unconditional love after your loss. Through this programme, you will have uplifting quotes, daily affirmations, and journal exercises that help you release grief. This journal will be specifically for your time to release grief at your own pace. Follow it daily to help in your sense of loss, pain, and grief.


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