21 Days of Crystal Healing


Did you know that crystals have lots of healing properties?

Are you ready to heal your seven chakras?

During this programme you will have the opportunity to explore and balance the seven Chakras during this 21-day crystal healing.

Every three days, you will be introduced to a new Chakra and crystal to work with. How you work with each crystal is up to you and your feelings at that moment. Some favourite techniques for working with crystals are to meditate with the crystal in your hand or on the correlating Chakra, to sit quietly with the crystal, to sleep with the crystal under your pillow, or to carry the crystal in your pocket or purse for the day.

Whichever exercise you prefer from above will be the one for you! You will need to follow the exercise for 3 days with your crystal to bring the most optimal healing. After 3 days, you will be asked to switch to the next crystal, and after 21 days you would have already worked with seven crystals and all seven chakras.

There are lots of benefits of crystal healing and the colour of a crystal brings its own healing properties. We invite you to start your 21 Day Crystal Healing journey today and see your transformation!


Guided Meditation Disclaimer

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