Success Stories

Read these success stories from our clients.

Fear of Dogs

Two weeks after Ethan’s last session with Lauren, we went to visit Ethan’s grandma who has an Alsatian called Harley. He’s always been terrified of the dog and my mother-in-law has needed to keep him in another room most of the time and whenever he did come in, Ethan would feel very panicked.
I was honestly a little nervous about how Ethan would react. He had loved Whiskey, but for my logical mind, I figured Whiskey is very cute and small but Harley is big and less cute! So, would all the techniques Lauren had taught him work for all dogs? Had his fear genuinely gone?

In the car on the way over, Ethan practiced some of the calming techniques. He was initially a little apprehensive when we arrived but said to my mother-in-law it was okay for Harley to be in the same room. Just to do that first step was fantastic. Ethan was totally calm and relaxed and it was lovely just watching him able to be in the same room. We didn’t want to rush him so later in the afternoon we decided he’d try stroking Harley and it was a big success!! I went with him. He was really calm and enjoyed it and asked to do it again! In fact, he went over to stroke him several times. Ethan is so happy with himself and it was so wonderful for us to see. It was amazing. He was like a different child! A big burden has been lifted from his little shoulders. I genuinely had never imagined we would reach this point. I would highly recommend visiting Lauren.


I’ve had a massive phobia of dogs for as long as I can remember. Highly recommend Lauren Rosenberg. This was the result of her help!

My daughter (aged 10) was scared of dogs. Lauren did three sessions of EFT and art therapy and I was amazed how quickly she stopped being scared. During the summer holidays we were able to go to the park without fear.

My 10-year-old was petrified of dogs She would shake and become hysterical if she even passed one in the street, and we could not even think about going to parks or to friends with dogs. It didn’t matter if the dog was a tiny ball of fluff, she was terrified. We had tried a lot of different things to help her, including a number of therapies and two lots of hypnosis and none of them made any difference at all.

After two sessions with Lauren, I could not believe my eyes, when we brought in Lauren’s dog Whisky, and she was actually holding the dog and feeding her. Since then, she has been hugely improved with all dogs and is able to go to parks and to all of her friends’ houses who have a dog, without any problem at all.

I had been at the point of giving up on any therapy ever working with my daughter’s fear as it was so deeply entrenched but Lauren (and Whisky who is a particularly cute dog!) managed to save her from a lifetime of this fear.


My 12-year-old daughter Leah had been afraid of dogs for most of her life. In the last year, the fear had become worse. For example, when we went as a family to a park, she would spend most of the time holding onto the baby’s buggy, hiding behind my husband or I, trying to make us avoid walking too close to a dog or walking fast as soon as one was walking in our direction. It was draining on the whole family and created unnecessary tension. At that point we realized my daughter needed professional help to overcome this fear.

We had two sessions with Lauren, and by the end of the second one, Leah was actually holding and cuddling Lauren’s dog – it was unbelievable! Leah now feels so much more confident when she goes out and we will be forever grateful to Lauren for her help. She was so gentle, patient and understanding and Leah engaged with her from the start. Thank you, Lauren!!


I always thought my daughter’s fear of dogs was something we’d have to learn to live with, when she spotted a dog on a lead at the other end of the street immediately she’d turn pale her breathing would become rapid and she would lose herself out of sheer panic. If a dog was not on a lead she’d burst into screams on the spot, this made things like going to the park in the summer absolutely impossible. I was seeing Lauren with my daughter for other non-related issues, eczema, and extreme moodiness etc. (which by the way we’ve seen amazing results in both her skin and behavior) when I happened to mention her severe fear of dogs Lauren assured me, she could help with this too. In myself I was convinced nothing could change her but I was willing to give it a try, all I could say is after her third session I ended up coming home rather late as I could not tear my daughter away from Lauren’s dog Whisky who she was cuddling, petting, feeding treats nonstop out of her hand! I just stood by feeling really emotional as I never dreamed this day would come and my daughter would be so calm and relaxed around a dog. I can only give Lauren the highest recommendation, she is one truly amazing lady!


Lauren is amazing, my 9-year-old daughter had a very bad fear of dogs, she wouldn’t go to the park and when she saw a dog walking down the street,
even on a lead, she would freak out and run away. Going to friends’ houses who had a dog was difficult as the dog would have to be put in another room. Her phobia was getting in the way of her life. We went to Lauren who managed to get rid of my daughter’s fear, it was amazing to witness the transformation. My daughter is now asking me to get her a dog! Going to Lauren has been fantastic and I can’t thank her enough.

I recently brought my 9-year-old son to Lauren to try and conquer his fear of dogs. Over the past few years, he became more and more terrified of dogs to the point where he refused to visit friends and family when they all got puppies. He felt excluded and paralyzed by fear. It was really distressing to see him so nervous and anxious around dogs and not know how best to help him. The situation only seemed to worsen over time and we had to stop exposing him to dogs completely.

Luckily, a friend recommended Lauren and I can honestly say, after having just a few sessions with her and Whiskey (the most beautifully trained therapy dog) it has made the world of difference to our son.

He will now visit his friends again and I can see that his fears have greatly diminished. I’m hopeful that as time goes by, he will feel more and more confident around dogs and he will remember the tools Lauren imparted. Our family is exceedingly grateful for the positive change she has made. I would highly recommend Lauren to anyone with any kind of fear / phobia issues.


From the moment we approached Lauren for help for our daughter
for her fear of dogs, Lauren showed us the utmost kindness and understanding as she showed to our daughter during her sessions.

Lauren explained everything clearly before during and after the sessions.
Our daughter is now free of her fear of dogs and we are most thankful to Lauren as the fear was crippling our daughter each time, she saw a dog in the street.
We highly recommend Lauren and salute her for her incredible patience and understanding which we are exceptionally grateful. Lauren you should continue to go from strength to strength. In gratitude.


I took my almost 8-year-old son to see Lauren after a recommendation on Facebook for As long as I could remember he has been petrified of cats and dogs. His fear would stop him going to people’s homes with cats or dogs (and other pets) and he would often become extremely anxious and tearful if we ever did need to go to friends or family with a dog or cat. Mostly they would have to move their pet to another room and if the dog came into the room with my son, he would cling on to me and I could feel his heart racing. During the last couple of years, he has been upset about his fear and had said to me his wished he wasn’t like that.

After my initial first chat with Lauren, she warned me that my son might want a pet dog after her sessions! I showed my son Lauren’s website with other testimonials and he asked if she would make his fear go away and I said I thought she would be able to. He even asked then whether one day he might be able to have a dog.

At our first session, Lauren used various techniques to identify where he felt his fear and techniques to help him deal with his fear (which he could practice at home). It was fascinating from a parent’s point of view to listen to some of her insights.

At the second session, Lauren felt that for my son, it was tricky for him to talk about his fear theoretically, so she asked if she could bring in her dog, Whisky, which amazingly he agreed to. Having been practicing the techniques in the week and Lauren working with him for 20 minutes at the start of the session, my son was able to feed Whisky, hold him on his lap, stroke him and enjoy it! He genuinely had no fear. It was like witnessing a different child and to see his joy at being able to do it was simply wonderful. As soon as we left, he said he wished we could stay for another hour!

At the final session, he met Lauren’s other dog and he fed and stroked her too.
I think what has been absolutely fascinating to watch is how quickly his fear was released. He found the techniques a bit weird and strange to begin with as they were completely unfamiliar but we agreed that really it didn’t matter how it works but the fact that it does.
He now desperately wants a dog! Thank you so much Lauren.


Lauren came highly recommended by a friend to go as I was petrified of dogs. As soon as I arrived at my first appointment, I felt comfortable and relaxed. as I had been through a huge tragedy it came up almost straight away and with Lauren help, I was able to look at things differently and my life feels a whole lot lighter! After dealing with that Lauren went on to deal with my fear of dogs and after just a few sessions I was happily holding her dog.

Bed Wetting

We took our son to see Lauren as he was still wetting the bed at night aged 8 and had become very self-conscious. After only the first session, we saw an immediate effect – our son started to wake up early and take himself to the toilet early in the morning, which he had never done before.

We had only one more session after which he started to sleep right through to the morning without any problems. The results were just amazing and far more immediate than we had ever expected. This treatment really does work and we could not recommend Lauren highly enough.

We were hesitant to try methods outside those our paediatrician suggested but gave it a go and after nine years of rarely a dry night; our son was dry after two weeks and far happier within himself. It was an amazing achievement in such a short space of time and we cannot thank Lauren enough.

NM, London

My 8-year-old daughter was still in night pants. Using her amazing skills Lauren was able to change my daughter’s mindset and just two weeks later she is now completely dry at night and very happy too. Not only can she now hold her wee in all night but she is able to wake up and go to the loo in the night if she needs. I would highly recommend Lauren’s style of therapy. Try it before you medicate your child. You won’t believe how effective it is.
OT, London

When my 8-year-old son was prescribed medication for bed wetting I decided to seek alternative help and contacted Lauren. Through her practice of EFT and art and colour therapy, we have managed to reduce his bedwetting by around 80% and are now very confident it won’t be long until he is completely dry.

It has been a great learning curve, for both my son and I, in the way our bodies work. Once our sessions were over Lauren continued to show an interest in my son’s progress, contacting me daily to begin with and giving continuing advice.


My son had wet the bed for years not every night but it was very sporadic. Some weeks he would be dry and then it would get bad again. I had taken him to the doctor and tried medication that didn’t work that well. It was honestly getting very difficult not at home but when he had sleepovers, he used to worry a lot as he couldn’t seem to control it. I was recommended to Lauren through a friend and thought I would try. She was such a pleasure to work with, she is great with children and put him completely at ease. We had 3 sessions and have now seen a huge change in my son. It is still early days but he has now been completely dry for a week, is much more relaxed and knows he can now control his bladder at night. I want to say a huge thank you to Lauren and if you are reading this as I did and aren’t sure I would definitely try, as it has worked so well for my son. Thank You so much xx

Difficulty Sleeping

I brought my son aged 7 to see Lauren to help him settle and go to sleep at night. After seeing her not only does he find it easier to fall asleep at a reasonable hour, he has now calmed down a great deal. She has helped him with many different aspects of his life. She has given him the tools to keep calm and to sleep. When he gets frustrated with friends at school, rather than getting angry he can now deal with his frustrations in a calm manner.

Our 11-year-old daughter had difficulty sleeping. She would not fall asleep before 11pm and would wake up early. After only 2 sessions with Lauren, she is already getting full nights, now falling asleep within 30 minutes of getting to bed. Lauren’s skills and experience are just impressive – she is quick to understand the background and issues, does a personal, regular follow up and you can tell she is passionate about her work.

Towards the end of the summer holidays, my four-year-old – who had always been an amazing sleeper – developed a fear of the dark and being left alone. She became increasingly anxious at bedtime, screamed with fear of being alone and wouldn’t stay in her room. She was waking up the whole household, sometimes three times in one night.

We tried many different tactics including controlled crying, but nothing was working. We were all increasingly exhausted and upset and I felt utterly helpless. Lauren gave me a demonstration of how acupressure works and how I could apply it to my daughter. It involves tapping various pressure points on her body whilst vocalizing that, despite her fear of being left alone, she was a good child.

I couldn’t fathom that in reality this could work but Lauren told me not to think about it, just to do it. So, I made it a game for my daughter and she loved it. I don’t really know how or why it worked, but I followed Lauren’s instructions that evening, and to my utter amazement my daughter went to bed nicely and slept through, as she has continued to do every night since.

It feels like a miracle! It still feels unbelievable and you may feel it is difficult to believe that this technique can help, as I did. I am still feeling incredulous, overwhelmingly relieved, and extremely grateful to Lauren.


Stomach Pain

For over a year my 12-year-old daughter suffered from stomach pain caused by acute anxiety. It was constant day and night, prevented her from sleeping or woke her from sleep as well as impeding her everyday life. Traditional medical examination and treatment proved there was nothing physically wrong but also gave no cure. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) did not help very much either.

After a year of suffering acutely we returned to the GP who referred her to Lauren. After six sessions of EFT my daughter was pain-free. We went to Lauren with reservations as to whether it could help at all but there is no doubt in our mind that EFT was the answer to the pain she was feeling.


Difficulty Concentrating

Lauren was recommended to us by our son’s occupational therapist. Although we were unsure as we had not tried this type of treatment before, we were both open-minded. The change in our son – who was prone to outbursts, found it hard to sit still and had a one-to-one in school – was almost immediate.

The teachers were shocked at the change. We were amazed. After just one session, he was calmer, able to sit still, did not interrupt and did not cry. What Lauren has done both for our son and for me has been nothing short of a miracle. We are wholly indebted to her.

We will certainly be continuing our sessions as we see more and more improvements in every aspect of our son. We are truly grateful. Not only his schoolteachers, but even in his other classes, the teachers have noticed a massive difference. Thank you so much Lauren.


Speech Difficulties & Banging Head on Wall

Once again, I wanted to thank you for our sessions. After the first one we saw a definite change in our daughter (age 5). She is now calmer, able to speak more clearly and more affectionate. It is a remarkable achievement considering we saw several consultants and GPs for the past 3 years unsuccessfully.

Even my sceptical husband saw the improvement in her development the day after our session, and again after another session. She came home feeling so much better, there is no word to describe the joy it gave me. Not to mention the happiness in her eyes.

BT, London

Tics & Anxiety

This week, my ten-year-old daughter suddenly started displaying signs of a nervous tic. It was the scariest experience I have had as a mother because she was extremely distraught and traumatized and we felt utterly helpless as parents not being able to give her the reassurance that it would stop. It was causing her a lot of pain and making her extremely self-conscious. I scoured through these mum groups, praying that someone could give me some guidance and help.

I saw the name Lauren Rosenberg – Fear Busters and read through her website and read the testimonials. I emailed her a very desperate message at 5am on Monday and by 7am I had a reply, reassuring me that my daughter would be ok and to call her later that day.

In a nutshell, my daughter had two zoom calls/sessions with Lauren and after the first one, the next day the tic had virtually gone!

She is without a doubt the most wonderful, kind lady whose reassurance and guidance I am eternally grateful for.
In one of the sessions, she used tapping therapy and the following day she was able to get my daughter to explain and describe her feelings.

If I can give any parents going through the same thing one piece of advice, it would be to call Lauren and to have some sessions with her. I know my daughter is looking forward to her next one.


Anxiety & Stress

I was so impressed with my own experience with Lauren of FearBuster’s techniques, that when my 7 yr. old son displayed signs of anxiety and stress, I felt confident in taking him to see her.

Lauren dealt with him sensitively and calmly, without delving into issues. Her work is all about positive actions. She focuses on moving forward and achieving noticeable results. He enjoyed his sessions and has asked to go back.

He had difficulty keeping his temper at home, was very quick to cry and struggled to stop sucking his thumb.

Three sessions with Lauren have helped him immensely. It also helped us as a family. We know why he reacts the way he does and can anticipate his outbursts and help avoid them in the first place. He has dramatically reduced how much he sucks his thumb and I am confident a few more sessions will enable him to stop completely.

Tapping techniques have helped him sleep on evenings when he felt anxious. He has been calm about exams and sporting matches by tapping when he needs to.
What is so wonderful about Lauren and EFT is that she teaches you how to help yourself, she gives you a set of tools to help you cope. My son is happier, calmer, and more importantly has a method he can do himself to help when he needs it.


Thank you. Our son age 6 had such a wonderful day yesterday we took him to London and he got into 6 lifts and although a little nervous on the first there was no hysterics and after the first he seemed much better! He even went on the underground in rush hour totally packed and he was ok! Thank you so much for helping him getting rid of his fear.

My daughter had been anxious about her health, school, clubs and being without me. In fact, she was pretty much stuck to my side all day! After seeing Lauren, my daughter is able to use the techniques she learned to calm herself and be more positive. She is more independent and is really enjoying school and our home life is calmer”.

Lauren is a quite unique person and produces excellent results.

At first I was skeptical on her methods but as I sat and watched my daughters develop and grow and enjoy the sessions I wished that I could buy vouchers for many people !

Lauren’s skill of removing fear and anxiety is quite astounding and beautiful to watch.

Both my daughters have developed and grown after the sessions and confront their fears instead of shying away.

Well done Lauren and Fear busters – you should be offered on prescription!


Teenage Anxiety

My 16-year son had suffered silently for two years with anxiety until it reached breaking point after his GCSEs.

I was initially at a loss as to what to do to help him as the GP couldn’t help as the therapy on offer was for 18-year-old or for teens that are in a much darker place than my son.
Having read other people’s glowing references about Lauren she was the obvious next step for me. I knew nothing about EFT but I did know that she had helped a good friend of mine’s daughter and this friend urged me to take my son to her.

He had three sessions where he was given the tools to deal with his anxiety as well as try, as best he could, to identify the cause and then move to a place in his head where he could deal with the negative thoughts and move them on swiftly, leaving him in a happy place.
I cannot believe the change in him over such a short space of time. We had a deadline to achieve this happy place and Lauren got us there.

I also liked the fact that the procedure is totally non evasive and that my son can put into practice the tools he has learnt anytime he feels the need. Thank you, Lauren!!


Fear of School

Yesterday’s session was a huge help. My daughter age 16 was visibly more relaxed afterwards, able to eat and organize herself for the next day without getting too anxious. This morning was the true miracle! She woke up, got ready and went to school with no obvious trouble at all! She didn’t even feel sick! This was always the worst part. I really cannot thank you enough for all your help.

Fear of Hospital / Dentist

We took our 8-year-old son to see Lauren as he had extreme anxiety about an upcoming dental procedure following a very negative experience with a previous dentist. Before we went to see Lauren, we didn’t think we’d be able to get him to the hospital, let alone have the procedure. However, with Lauren’s help and encouragement, our son gained the confidence and self-belief to get through it, and he has felt so proud of himself for overcoming such a great fear. Lauren is so calm and thoughtful. She picked up on other things that may have been impacting our son’s fear – a family bereavement when he was 6 years old was a factor – and gave us advice on coping strategies for this as well. I think one of the best things about the sessions is that they give you a chance as a family to pause and think about how you and your child are feeling and why, and talk through it together in a calm, secure environment. I would thoroughly recommend Lauren, and we are very happy with the result!

Family Conflict

Me and my ten yr. old daughter had always seemed to have a character clash and our life was one long power struggle. As much as I knew me being the adult should be the one able to control myself her nagging always seemed to bring out the worst in me and it would embarrassingly escalate into shouting matches. I had a perfectly calm relationship with my other three kids but with my ten yr. old I could never seem to do right by her. I knew I had to deal with this before she hit her teenage years so turned to Lauren for help. Initially Lauren did a couple sessions on me in which we realized her traumatic birth had a lot to do with my tolerance levels towards her subconsciously. Things were a lot better after that but it was only after I brought my daughter in for a couple of sessions the change between us was dramatic. Through a mixture of tapping and art therapy for her, and vision erasing therapy on me our lives are now completely different. I am able to enjoy my daughter and she herself admits she feels like a different person – so much calmer and if her old mood starts coming back, she has the tools to cope with it i.e., by tapping which immediately calms her down. This child also has been suffering since a baby with chronic eczema which to my utter surprise has disappeared completely since our sessions with Lauren and the nervous scratching at her skin which she always exhibited has all but disappeared. I have no words to thank Lauren for the difference she has made to our family.

Fear & Trauma

My 11-year-old son David was involved in a car accident in September last year. A car drove over his foot crushing some bones & leaving a huge gaping wound which needed immediate surgery. Although David was in excruciating pain & in total shock he soldiered on bravely & didn’t shed a tear not at the accident site nor during his week-long hospital stay & extensive recovery time at home. Outwardly David seemed to be doing well pushing himself to walk again & rejoining school as soon as he could but as the weeks & months went on it became obvious to me that our son was traumatized from his accident. He became increasingly paranoid about crossing the street, getting in & out of cars & seemed to be withdrawing into himself, he also gained a considerable amount of weight during this time although he didn’t seem to be eating significantly more than in the past. It was at this point that Lauren Rosenberg was recommended to us to help our son, as soon as I had spent 5 mins in Lauren’s practice, I realized we were in the right place, she instantly zoomed in on the fact that David was still as traumatized & his body was as in shock as if the accident had just happened. Through a combination of EFT & art therapy & image erasing therapy she got him to unwind, open up & let go of all his fears & trauma, it was a sight indeed to see David visibly relaxed during the sessions & after just 3 sessions we got our son back! It’s been a couple of months now since our third & final session & he seems to have finally let go of his trauma. He has no problem crossing busy streets or getting in or out of cars & his weight is steadily dropping off which is giving him his confidence back. I would highly recommend Lauren Rosenberg as she is a true professional & a master in her field. Thanks, H.D.

Trauma & Bed Wetting

Lauren has been helping me to heal from past traumas for the last few weeks. I’m already feeling so much better after a few sessions. I have multiple traumas to deal with but Lauren makes me feel so calm and able to trust in the process that we will get there.

In a recent session with Lauren I mentioned that my child was waking up with a wet bed. Lauren asked if I was okay with diverting away from working on me to help my child.

Very gently Lauren worked on healing my child with seeing what had caused the bed wetting. She gave me some wonderful tips to get my child to engage in the process to heal from her fears which was causing the bed wetting.

My child was so relieved when she woke up for the first morning in a long time with a dry bed.


Not Wanting to Wear Certain Clothes

I came to see Lauren as my son refused to wear shorts & t-shirts (only wanted to wear long sleeved tops and long trousers) for two whole years. Also, he refused to wear a swimming costume and to get in the paddling pool. Lauren taught us some really powerful techniques which really worked. Our son now LOVES wearing shorts and t-shirts and today he put his swimming costume on all by himself and jumped in the paddling pool! Couldn’t believe it. He is such a happy and content boy now – thank you Lauren!

Fear of Dying

We took our daughter (7) to see Lauren as she suffered from fear of dying. We were very sceptical about the methods she used but within a few sessions saw a radical change with our daughter’s behaviour. I would definitely recommend people trying this method as it helped us very much

Fear of Insects

I took my nine-year-old daughter to see Lauren as she had developed a crippling fear of insects, she was waking in the night in a panic and refused to sleep in her own room.

She had three sessions with Lauren Rosenberg and learnt techniques to help her manage her fears. Although she still dislikes insects, she has a coping mechanism and is sleeping well at night, making the whole household a happier environment. I would strongly recommend Lauren to those of you who are looking for help with phobias. The treatment in non-evasive, drug free and strangely reassuring to both the child and parent participating in the sessions.


Fear of Wasps, Dogs & Anxiety

We are the parents of 3 children and my eldest daughter age 7 was afraid of dogs and wasps. Looking for any kind of help for her because the fear was so big, I found on a Facebook mums group about Fear Busters and tapping therapy with Lauren Rosenberg. From the beginning , on our telephone conversation, I found out all the information about therapy and how it can change my daughter’s life. She had a few sessions and the therapy changed her a lot. From nearly jumping on the street when a dog was approaching her or being impossible to go to park where a dog was out of leash now she is touching the dogs and she is more confident near them. Also it is a big improvement when we are in the garden and a bee or wasp is nearby. From being an anxious child she is more confident and able to say loud what she wants. I truly recommend Lauren for all the help she gave to my daughter. Thank you so much!

Fear of New Things

I was concerned because my 6-year-old would get very scared in strange and new situations. For example, he would scream hysterically when dogs approached him, would not go on fun rides, and fought against swimming for fear of drowning. He would kick up a huge fuss each time there was food on his plate he wasn’t used to. After only four sessions with Lauren, I can see a positive change with his behavior in these situations. He is now generally much less fearful of new ventures and a lot happier to just be.

Sickness Phobia

After the first session it was already apparent everything to do with my son’s fear had changed and he looked at it in a totally different way – he feels that the phobia is no longer there. Lauren also helped with a new problem he had with squinting his eyes. By the second session this seems to have disappeared, it’s quite amazing to witness. He actually enjoyed the session and loved the colourful, soothing-smelling water she sprayed. Now it’s time to sort me out! Thank you.

Fear of Illness

I met Lauren with my teenage daughter who panicked regularly about feeling and being unwell. Lauren made my daughter feel at ease and gave her the belief that she could be helped. After only three sessions, my daughter was a different person. Nearly a year on, I can confidently say that my daughter is calm and doesn’t panic at all about illness – Lauren has given her a new lease of life!

Fear of Water

My son was scared of water and he is now able to learn how to swim.

We came to see Lauren as our son was getting increasingly anxious about going on holiday and in particular going in the sea. Thanks to Lauren he was so much more relaxed and even went in the sea! We still use the technique she showed us if he gets anxious in a new situation but he is so much more confident and happy now that we hardly have to worry about him, which is great for him and for us.



Thank you for curing me of my horrible addiction!! I was a smoker for about 17 years, on around 15 a day, and although I had tried ‘cold turkey’, patches etc, I never really believed I was going to be able to stop – and that if it ever did happen, I would not stop for good as all my past attempts have failed.

Lauren has given me the self-belief to know that this time is for good. Not only has EFT completely changed my way of looking at smoking, it’s been one of the easiest, most enjoyable things I’ve ever done. I am simply in awe at how easy it is and cannot stress that enough. The more I think about it, the happier I am to have stopped. Nearly 6 months have passed and I have no concerns.


Hay Fever

My session with Lauren was fascinating. She traced the start of my hay fever back to a childhood summer camp where I had been unhappy and suffered quite bad symptoms. Talking about the triggers that had stressed me (emotionally and physically) and diffusing them through EFT was effective in easing my symptoms.
EM, London

Asthma & Discomfort During Intercourse

After just one treatment with Lauren, sexual pain that had been lasting many years started to improve and, amazingly, my asthma too. I would thoroughly recommend Lauren’s treatment.

Difficulty Sleeping

I use tapping to help me sleep at night and to relax before difficult meetings. And I use it on other things as they come up. It’s easy, doesn’t take much time and it really works! EFT is amazing!!


Migraine used to keep me incapacitated 20% of the time. After teaching me how to use tapping for allergies, Lauren said I could use it for reducing my migraines too, but I was very sceptical. But one night when I didn’t have any more medication I used tapping as a last resort. It not only worked quickly but I have not had a single migraine.


Autoimmune Disease

I have known Lauren for a couple of years now as she helped my daughter with the fear of the unknown. Lauren was aware of my health condition, rheumatoid arthritis, an autoimmune disease but she felt that my flare ups were to do with some emotional block I also had. The pain especially in my hands were getting worse. I can’t express how much it helped me by talking to Lauren about inner emotions, feelings and experiences. With the help of tapping as well, Lauren was able to “dig deep” and find the inner emotional block that had effected my health in many ways. I am forever grateful and I have learnt so much about myself and most of all how to approach my health and well-being in a positive manner. To deal with pain more effectively and to focus on the importance of me.

Fear Of Flying

England) and I managed a flight of 11 hours more relaxed than I could hope for. Now I can think of travelling without the anxiety that used to go with it. A big thank you.

I needed to fly to New York. Thank you for the tools you have provided me with, Lauren. I feel great and free to fly and am now looking forward to many more holidays destinations. I feel so much more at ease.

Through FearBusters I was able to focus on things other than my fear. The flight coming back to the UK was great – I used mental imaging of tapping if I got anxious. For the first time since I can remember I got onto a plane without panicking. Although I did still feel a bit anxious during the flight due to some turbulence, in general I was a much calmer and happy passenger.

I’ve also found tapping wonderful for calming my son at sleep time and now the ladies in the babies’ room at his childcare in Australia use the same method to calm all the babies.


After my 2 sessions with Lauren about my fear of flying! I have just had two of the most enjoyable flights ever and think I am cured I did the tapping everyday as Lauren showed me and still was not sure if it would work, but as our holiday approached, I did notice I was very relaxed about the flying part whereas before I would have been very anxious leading up to it months before!! Then we got to the airport still very calm! Boarded plane still calm! Was a bit nervous about take-off but nowhere near as worried then once we were on our way was so relaxed, I couldn’t believe it!! Just wanted to thank her so much because it has really helped me and will change my life as I can now get excited and my hubby will now sit next to me on the plane not up the back as far away from me as possible. When I do the tapping and am really tuned in, I can smell the gold color you sprayed in our session!!! Anyway, just wanted to say thank you and have been telling my clients so hopefully you can help some of them too- Many thanks!

A message from Jonny to Lauren. I’ve made it to America and the flight was really really easy. Felt a bit nervous talking off but as soon as we were up, I was fine – quite a lot of turbulence when we got over America but I was fine with that I remembered what you said about it being just a bump in the road. I did a bit of tapping but was fine. Quite enjoyed it lol. Thank you so much – I definitely wouldn’t have been able to do it without your help and I am so grateful. Thank you so much. I haven’t felt one bit of anxiety since I’ve seen you which feels weird because I had it for such a long time. and know the situations when I would get anxious but haven’t felt it one bit. You have really changed my life and I feel like I can do anything I want now whereas before I couldn’t. Thanks

Lauren was recommended to me to help me overcome my fear of flying. I only ever really travelled when I was younger and they were always terrible long-haul journeys where I felt a pit of anxiety in my gut and awful motion sickness. As a result, I didn’t fly until my mid 20s and even though they were short haul flights, I was petrified and taking sedatives to help calm my nerves but this had little effect. I can’t thank Lauren enough, after seeing her for a handful of sessions, I travelled on my honeymoon and had a really enjoyable 12-hour flight both there and back. I was able to move around plane and eat the food provided (2 things I have never been able to do), as well as stay awake and watching TV when I would normally sleep off the journey. Not only did Lauren help with my fear of flying but she got to the root of what it was and helped me through it. As I was seeing her just before my wedding, she even gave me techniques for the duration of my wedding week which kept me calm and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment without any stress in the lead up to the wedding as a result. Her techniques are very powerful but so simple and effective that I can use them whenever I feel I need too. She was so supportive and kept in touch throughout and even checked up on me after flying! She is kind natured person and really connects with you in ways you wouldn’t think were possible. I don’t have any anxiety towards flying anymore and she has generally removed what causes that feeling in other situations also. I was skeptical of the tapping method at first but when I started to see the results, I was astonished. I feel like I have a new lease of life and can visit the world. I would highly recommend her. Thanks Lauren!

Lauren is an amazing practitioner! I saw Lauren for a fear of flying, Lauren was absolutely wonderful and 3 weeks later I caught a plane and was completely relaxed and calm! Lauren has some fantastic techniques and I highly recommend her!

Once again Lauren has done it again. I first went to see Lauren in 2016. I had a really bad phobia of flying. I had to get on a 9-hour flight to America and back all in a week. There was no way I could get on that plane. As the time was getting closer, I was thinking of every excuse to get out of it. Someone I knew who had already seen Lauren mentioned about her to me, I wasn’t sure at first, I thought I was beyond help. but had nothing to lose so went to see her. After a few sessions with Lauren weeks before the flight I felt I was ready to fly. on the plane and didn’t feel any anxiety at all. I actually quite enjoyed it.
A year on my life was in a bit of a mess and had bad social anxiety and difficulties moving on with my life. After a few sessions with Lauren using EFT, essentials oils, and lots of other useful techniques I was feeling great and very positive again. I am now ready for 2018. Thank you!

I’m so grateful to have found Lauren! After joining a group session online, I decided to have a private one to discuss my fear of flying. In only two sessions she managed to dismantle my anxieties and gave me tools to help me deal with my panic and fear. It’s remarkable how quickly I responded to this treatment. I was much calmer on my recent flight and more able to manage my stress. Lauren is a blessing!

My fear of flying had been getting worse over the years. I struggled on 2 hour flights to Spain but this was limiting our family holidays as I didn’t want to go further away. I first went to see Lauren when I was panicking before a 5 hour flight. I had 4 sessions with Lauren and she was so patient, kind and reassuring and I felt calmer after the first session. I practised tapping at home every day before that flight and on the day was so relaxed, I even just sat calmly through an aborted landing! The following year we planned a dream holiday to LA and I knew I’d only be able to manage it with a few top up sessions from Lauren. 11 hours each way and they were the best flights I’ve ever done! The time went so quickly and even managed to sleep. Never thought I’d say this but I’m looking forward to flying again as soon as we are able!

Feelings of Guilt

Thank you for your helpful sessions. You’ve helped me to see things so differently, enabling me to feel much more positive and most importantly have a real sense of freedom from all my worries. I can feel that burden of guilt and responsibility has been lifted off me.

Pain, Fear & Allergy

I couldn’t budge off the chair, I was losing hope, was in despair, my pains had reached a limit so high, all I could do was sit and cry, the strong painkillers were a waste of time, not alleviating the pains of mine, I lived in constant fear, forever letting down a tear, I visited chiropractor’s, Dr’s, the list does not end, until one day Lauren God did send, we met over skype for I was chair bound, miraculously my pains turned around, Lauren taught me how to let go of the past, and move forward really fast, within days I began to walk, to eat to function-was it still possible who could have thought, through eft and methods so vast, I learnt to unblock energy real fast…through eft and methods so vast, I learnt how to unblock energy real fast, my limiting beliefs no longer in sight, seeing ambitious goals and reaching great height, my HUGE allergies/fears were addressed too, Lauren what would I have done without u? I’m now a pro I’m proud as can be and walk around happy to be me!!!

As soon as I picked the phone up to Lauren, I knew I was on the right path. I had a massive kiwi allergy and suffered from terrible pains. After trying doctors, osteopaths, chiropractors, acupuncture, homeopathy unsuccessfully etc. I thought I’d give Lauren a try! It was the best thing I ever did. At first, we had sessions over skype as I was bed bound and could not move but after only a few sessions I began standing, walking, and even getting back to work! Lauren has such a clarity of mind and will do anything she can to help her clients! She helped me move forward and let go of the past through enjoyable sessions. In the past I would only enter someone’s home once I’d made sure all kiwi’s were removed, Thank God that’s a thing of the past I now go to anyone’s home fearless:-D: Lauren you’ve changed my life Thank you!

Low Self-Esteem & Confidence

I had a few sessions with Lauren relating to lack of self-esteem and self-confidence, as well as being upset. I feel hugely better. The treatment was the closest I have seen to a miracle cure.

I’m just amazed at how sure of myself I am today. Honestly, I feel like a different person.

Teeth Grinding

Lauren Rosenberg is amazing. I went to see her in 2019 . I was Grinding my teeth nearly all my life and after two sessions with Lauren I stopped. She is absolutely amazing And I have done to Modern energy technique courses with her. I can definitely recommend her with any issues like teeth grinding, Fear or being anxious.