Dealing with Grief

One of the most difficult experiences we can go through is losing a loved one. Many people deal with grief and loss in different ways. Although these feelings can feel all-consuming, they are not permanent states, so we must learn ways to deal with this process and these emotions. Sometimes it is not always about losing a loved one, this sense of loss can be other life changing events such as divorce, job loss, illness, and even changes in family life, like children growing up or moving away.

In 1969, Kubler-Ross identified that people usually go through five stages when dealing with grief. These include:

  • Denial
  • Anger
  • Bargaining
  • Depression
  • Acceptance

These stages and emotions go through a process, and we can last longer or shorter in any of these stages.

I decided to write a book about grief when my world was turned upside-down and the unthinkable happened. In 2016, I lost my first-born, 20-year-old daughter, Liora, unexpectedly. It was devastating and tragic, and definitely all-consuming, yet it is this experience that compelled me to share with the world ways to cope with grief and loss so I wanted share my story to help others deal with grief and loss.

As a practitioner, I have also helped people deal with grief and loss. Through sessions and programmes, we have been able to move through the process of grief and loss.

1-1 Session with Lauren

Are you suffering from grief or loss? We can help.

Book a 50 minute session with Lauren to help clear any Fear and Anxiety that is getting in the way of feeling calm, confident, in control, and energized.

These sessions can take place during our daytime regular office hours of 8am – 4pm or you can schedule them outside our regular office hours from 4pm & Sundays for an extra cost. All sessions are online via Zoom.

Don’t let your Fears take over your life, book an appointment Today.

4 Week Programme for Grief & Loss:

Life & Love After Loss

This is a 4-week workshop all about LOSS, which can be about Loss of Health, Loss of a Loved One, Loss of a Pregnancy, Leaving Your Home, Children Moving Away, and more.

The programmes consists of EFT Tapping to help release the Grief, Trauma, and Feeling of Loss along with Moving Forward and Living in Love. Each week we will work on a different topic to help you with your Loss. These weekly topics include: From Grief to Gratitude, Releasing Trauma that is Stuck, From Loss to Love, and Moving Forward.

I invite you to read “Love, Light and Liora: How to Move Forward When the Unthinkable Happens” To read about my family’s story and learn ways to deal with your grief and loss.

You can purchase it via Amazon or our website.

For upcoming dates for this programme, please check our scheduler here:

Lauren Rosenberg’s Book


How to Move Forward when the Unthinkable Happens: Love, Light and Liora by Lauren Rosenberg

How do you move forward when you lose something so precious as a child?

Read this inspiring book by Lauren Rosenberg on loss and grief, and how there is still light at the end of the tunnel when you decide to keep going. This book can help you overcome your own loss and grief, as well as give you some tools and strategies to move forward in a positive way.

Purchase your copy today on Amazon and share it with others. It’s a great gift for those who don’t know where or how to start coping with loss themselves.

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