21 Days of Chakra Clearing


Do you need to cleanse your seven chakras?

Are you feeling out of alignment and out of energy?

Join our 21 Days of Chakra Clearance!

Chakras, in Indian thought, are the centers of spiritual power within the physical body. Naturally, when these Chakras are blocked, one can succumb to the negative effects of tension within the body and mind.

Fully cleansing the Chakras is over an energy refinement, it’s a whole-body cleanse and balancing. There are seven chakras within the frame and every one of them works with vital organs within the body. When one Chakra is out of balance, the whole body bends out of balance, as do each of the vital organs connected to the out-of-balance chakras. In turn, the body is left defenseless to disease. Chakra clearance is a way to rebalance the body and mind.

The goal of this 21 day chakra cleansing is to:

  • Normalize the movement of energy flows
  • Allow energy to circulate normally along the body
  • Eliminate negative energy

In order to cleanse the chakras, it is vital to focus on the inner sensations completely and picture how the flow of energy move inside the body.

We invite you join our 21 Days of Chakra Clearance Programme where you will have a daily exercise to help with the cleansing process. Each week you will be working with a different topic, which includes the physical body, the emotional/mental body, and the spiritual casual body. Working with these will help to clear the chakras more profoundly.


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