What does it mean to fear the unknown? What are some methods you can use to overcome your fears? Do you know the effects that this phobia can have on your life and the lives of your children?

What Is A Fear Of The Unknown And How Does It Affect You?

Life can be full of uncertainty and as a result one can develop or suffer from a fear of the unknown. Many times you are more afraid of what is unknown than of the actual outcome of a situation that you are facing. Remember when you were little and you started to learn how to walk, you did not worry about falling because you trusted the process.

You can often find yourselves fearing what you cannot control or predict. If you allow yourselves to always believe something can go wrong you will set yourselves up for failure as you will be tuned into that negative energy. Many of us may face new fears during this pandemic.
You fear that you could lose your job or that you may contract the covid19 virus. Experiencing fear all the time without learning how to overcome it, will put you on high alert and you will eventually feel exhausted and with no energy.

During this pandemic your fears are exasperated and many of you are struggling to cope but know that you are not alone to feel like this.
Remember, fearing the unknown does not make you an unstable person; fearing the unknown is natural as long as it is not affecting your energy system and day to day life.

You just need to know how to combat your fears and transform those fears into trusting life and embracing life fully.

How Fearing the Unknown Affects you

You live in a world that is ever-changing and this can bring on never-ending fears. You fear the unknown because you do not believe that you can face your challenges and overcome them because you don’t have the tools to deal with those fears. These fears can paralyze you and hold you hostage to negative thinking. Did you know that when you are experiencing these sensations of fear, your bodies, minds and energy suffer? It is like carrying emotional heavy baggage with you. Some of the effects you may experience include sleep issues, digestive trouble, bedwetting, emotional distress, fatigue, anxiousness, joint problems, feeling discomfort in your body, tendency towards sadness etc.

Let’s not forget to take into account how your mental health suffers when you are constantly fearing aspects of our lives, especially now during the pandemic. Children and teenagers can show signs of negative behavior out of fear of not knowing how to deal with this unexpected and unthinkable event we are living in at the moment. This is why I created the well-being class online every Monday where I give the tools to those children to learn how to deal with their emotions.

Ways to Overcome Your Fear of the Unknown

Learn to trust and believe in yourself.
Talk to a therapist/practitioner, a trusted family member or a friend.
Learn to manage your stress by adopting a healthier lifestyle.
Try to put some exercise that will help you think positively.
Remind yourself that this situation is not forever.
Tune into the good memories you have.
Write down what you are grateful for.
Write down what you are thankful for.
Ask yourself if I did not have this fear how would I feel and how much more time would I have.
Talk with your children and help them cope with their fear of the unknown. Give them tools to deal with their emotions.
Join my online class

With these tips you will be able to start taking control back and move forward into a happier life with more control over what you fear even in the midst of a pandemic.
Be kind to one another and practice these coping mechanisms.
The pandemic will be that much easier to handle if you arm yourselves with knowledge and overcome your fears of that which we don’t know.
For more information and for a free 20-minute online consultation on how I can help you overcome your fears, email me at lauren@fear-busters.com
See my client testimonial who had the fear of the unknown:
“Never in a million years did I envisage the journey I would embark on when I first contacted Lauren. Thinking I had a phobia of dogs and coming from a background where logic always prevailed when making decisions, I was skeptical. Having nothing to lose, I entertained Lauren’s initial diagnosis that my phobia of dogs was actually fear of the unknown. A much deeper-rooted network of blocked energies started my early years to present day. As Lauren’s magic started to untangle my energy flow, I began to find myself challenging things without realizing it, starting to open up to new food groups and actually having the confidence to believe I can embrace changes without the need to control everything. 12 weeks on, I now am the owner of a gorgeous cavapoo. I’m finally starting to live for the present day rather than letting my past dictate how I live. I honestly can’t thank you enough. You truly are a special lady who will always be part of my ongoing journey.”
Lauren Rosenberg
Fear and phobia relief expert and Radio presenter and author of “How to move forward when the unthinkable happens”.