Imagine this: nausea, cramping, faintness, rapid heartbeat, clammy palms, increasing levels of anxiety and panic.

That’s how people with hemophobia, or a phobia of blood, feel when they see or even think about blood. It’s a phobia that’s associated with something that most people are queasy around, but it’s more than just discomfort – it’s a full-blown fear.

A fear of blood might not have a strong effect on your day-to-day life, but it could have severe consequences in emergent situations that you won’t be able to plan for. For example, if you witness an accident and you’re the only bystander, but your fear of blood keeps you from helping the victim. Or you might be home alone with a family member who falls and hits their head and needs a ride to the hospital – your fear of blood could keep you from rendering them aid.

It’s uncomfortable to think about, but your hemophobia may affect you negatively in the moments where you’re needed most. A fear of blood is a fairly common and relatable phobia, one that most people have a twinge of, but it’s one that you’ll probably want to think about treating yourself for in case of any such scenario.

So where did your fear of blood come from? Some people can remember a specific instance from their childhood or adulthood where their paranoia stems from, but others may not be able to remember a time when they didn’t fear blood. Maybe you witnessed a gruesome car accident as a child, or maybe you saw a violent scene in an action movie on TV that altered the way your brain reacts to blood at a vulnerable stage in your life. Sometimes, people’s fears stem from an unknown stimulant that they feel keeps them from being able to address. Even if you don’t know where your phobia came from, that doesn’t mean it’s untreatable.

There’s no reason to feel hopeless about your phobia – there are several effective ways to treat hemophobia that can help you live your life more fully. One of those methods is EFT, or emotional freedom techniques, a nontraditional psychological tool that is proven to help with emotional healing. As an experienced EFT Master Practitioner, I can help you rid yourself of a fear of blood and bring you back to full health. There’s no time to waste – contact me at, or visit my website at www.fear-busters.comto learn more about my services.