Do you think our behaviors and experiences learned in childhood can determine our perception and mindset throughout our lives?
Do you think it may lead to many struggles to live with what may seem to others as strange or peculiar fears or phobias, but which can be just as devastating on the sufferer’s life as a painful health condition?

Adam Tiano, who has suffered from ever since childhood, from an unusual fear which has affected his freedom and enjoyment of life as long as he can remember told The Sun and the Enfield and Tottenham Independent his story of how the phobia first started and how it affects his day-to-day life since.

He explained in the article below, published in The Sun how the unusual fear is affecting his life. This unusual fear may have been caused from a trauma in early years of his life that has been stored in his subconscious.

I wish to thank The Sun and Adam’s local press for highlighting the importance of hidden mental health.

To read Adam’s story and a few words of advice from me, visit: (link to both the Sun and Thisislocalondon).