Headaches can be a real pain sometimes. It can really overwhelm us and take us off balance when such throbbing pain is going through us. About 1 in every 6 people complain about a headache in their everyday life. There are many reasons people experience headaches, which can include stress, anxiety, noise, hormones, illness, etc…There are also many types of headaches and sometimes we want to see it as one size fits all. All headaches are different and that’s where homeopathy comes in.

Homeopathy is a great remedy for headaches. It is a lot more specific when it comes to homeopathy. Symptoms must be looked at closely to choose the best remedies for your specific headache. Is it on the front, back, right or left side? Is it throbbing or piercing through one’s head? Is it worse when going outside in the sun or just regular light insight? All these things must be considered for the best choice of remedies.

Here are a few homeopathic remedies that will work for headaches:

1. Nat Mur: This homeopathic remedy is great for terrible headaches such as migraines that can be caused by stress, hormones, eye strain, and other things. It can even be worse in the sun, so lying in the dark is best advised. Nat Mur can help relieve migraines that are intense.

2. Belladonna: This homeopathic remedy is also great for very severe and painful headaches that just pop out of nowhere! It helps with the throbbing pain and sensitivity to light as well.

3. Glonoinum: This homeopathic remedy helps when one has a congestive headache. This remedy helps with the pulsating and pounding feeling, especially if it comes from between the temples.

4. Nux Vom: This homeopathic remedy helps when a headache comes from sugar, alcohol, and other stimulants. This remedy helps with nausea and other symptoms.

5. Kali Phos: This homeopathic remedy is perfect for tension headaches that come from feeling exhausted, overworked, stressed, and burn out.

Dosage suggestion for these homeopathic remedies are 3-4 pellets of 30c potency or Nat Mur/Kali Phos the cell salt forms at a time. If you feel relief and experience improvement, only repeat the dosage when the relief wears off.

If you are unsure what homeopathic remedies can help you with your headaches or are unsure of dosage feel free to contact me at lauren@fear-busters.com or book a session to see how I can help you.

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