It’s such an exciting time, the holiday season! A time where we get to be with loved ones and friends. A time to give and receive. A time to share unconditional love with yourself and those around you. A time to enjoy and be in gratitude. It’s a joyous time that we always look forward to. Yet, our world has changed in many ways and sometimes the holiday times can feel a bit overwhelming.

Since the pandemic, our holiday get togethers have seemed different. Before, getting together and surrounding ourselves with family and friends was fun and enjoyable. Yet, after the pandemic many have had to deal with division in families due to topics such as jab status and political views. Although many have jumped this hurdle and have come together as one family unit once again, many are still in a much different place. As they approach the holiday season it can be very difficult. Family gatherings can feel overwhelming, fearful, indifferent, over-responsible, anxious, easily offended, rejected, cast aside, or even unimportant. It is not easy to go through these, especially during a time that should be about love and laughter. The good thing is that homeopathy is here to save your holiday season!

Here are a few remedies that can help you as you navigate your family holiday parties and get togethers!

Homeopathic remedies for:

  • Anxiety: Arsenicum, Argent Nitricum, and Gelsemium
  • Fear: Aconite, Phosphorus, and Natrum Muriaticum
  • Overwhelm: Sepia, Calc Carb, Bambusa, Natrum Matriaticum, Ignatia, and Nus Vomica
  • Indifference: Aurum, Sepia, and Phosphorus
  • Being Easily Offended: Aconite, Arsenicum, Calc Carb, Nat Mur, Nux Vomica, Pulsatilla, and Staphysagria
  • Feeling Over-Responsible: Aurum Met, Calc Carb, Carcinosin, and Nat Mur
  • Desire to Please Others: Ambra Grisea, Baryta Carbonica, Carcinosin, Ignatia, Pulsatilla, Nat Mur, and Staphysagria
  • Arguing Political Causes: Calc Carb, Causticum, Chocolate, Ignatia, and Nux Vomica
  • Need to Procrastinate: Baryta Carb, Carcinosin, Gelsemium, Lycopodium, Siica, and Sulphur
  • Prejudiced Attitudes: Calc Carb, Causticum, and Kali Carbonica
  • Rejection: Aurum Met, Bryonia, Chamomilla, Colocynth, Nat Mur, Nux Vomica, Phosphorus and Pulsatilla

These homeopathic remedies are sure to help you with the emotions that come up during your holiday season. We hope these help to lift your spirits and get you through.

We want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Holiday season blessings!

If you are unsure what homeopathic remedies can help you or are unsure of dosage feel free to contact me at or book a session to see how I can help you.

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