It’s the perfect season to go skiing at the moment, now that we are getting more rain and snow! It’s that time of year where we can go out and engage in all these fun activities with our loved ones. Yet, for many skiing brings up fear and anxiety that won’t let us enjoy these types of experiences.

Fear of skiing has a huge impact on how people make a leap to learn to ski. It is important to understand people’s fear and anxiety when skiing so that they can be able to enjoy themselves and also be prepared for any circumstances while doing the sport. So in order to move away from fear, we must look at it psychologically to help them release this fear.

Skiing can feel like a new environment if you aren’t used to it. Your mind races to the worst possible scenarios when you are afraid of skiing. Yet, its important to know that you are always in complete control of your experience. Knowing this helps you fend off a fictitious danger that you tend to create before the experience. It’s about being as relaxed as possible and enjoying it! It is important to understand the sport first and rationalize what you are scared of in order to calm your fear and anxiety. Once you know that skiing poses no real threat to your safety and is not as dangerous as you perceived, then this should help control your fear and anxiety.

Calming your fear of skiing can also help if you practice some relaxation techniques and do some mental rehearsal exercise that can ease it before you actually begin to ski. It’s very easy to find tools, tips, and exercises online that can get you to that calm and peaceful place. Feeling frantic as you are driving up the mountains will not help, so always try to do something before you get in the car that can help relieve any stress or anxiety. If you can do this early before doing the sport, you anxiety and fear will be minimal by the time you’re in your ski gear!

Ultimately, skiing is meant to be fun and that’s the mindset we need to go in with. Remember, it starts with you first. You got this! Happy skiing season!

If you have a fear of skiing or even snow, feel free to contact me at I can help you with your fear and anxiety!