As we approach Valentine’s Day, we all begin to think about our relationships with our significant loved one. Is your partner ready to commit a future with you or are they having commitment issues? There are many that fear commitment and it can easily be mistaken for a lack of interest. May they be suffering from a phobia of commitment?

It is definitely normal for people to feel anxious when entering a new relationships, dating, or even when making big life choices. For some people, just thinking of commitment can bring on feelings of anxiety and stress. There is an urge to avoid it. When someone has a fear about a romantic relationship or marriage, this is called gamophobia.

If your partner has a fear or phobia of commitment it doesn’t mean they don’t love you, don’t value you, are rejecting you, don’t want to spend time with you, are cheating on you, or are playing with you. They just have a difficult time dealing with commitment, but it has nothing to do with their feelings. So make sure you take that into consideration. They may love you very much, want to spend time with you and even want to get to know you better and get closer. Yet, it can be hard for them to deal with their fear and phobia of commitment.