There is a lot of anxiety and stress that everyone is experiencing at this moment. With school closures, lockdowns, mask mandates, and everything going on in the world, it’s easy to fall into a high stressed state, especially children. Children can show this anxiety in many ways, such as lack of sleep, bedwetting, growing fears, and even excessive crying. Tensions can also escalate at home between siblings and parents due to these anxieties. It is very important to help your child stay calm and be vigilant of children for signs of stress. The good thing is that there are solutions to help your child. This solution includes EFT tapping.

Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping (EFT) has proven to be a highly effective technique to help with emotions such as stress, anxiety, and depressions. Tapping is similar to acupuncture in that it focuses on the meridian lines, which helps to reduce the stress hormone. Tapping has been shown to lower the flight or flight response, thus sending soothing and calming effects in the body. As one taps the eight acupressure points during EFT, the better one tends to feel. These tapping points include tapping these areas: the eyebrows, the sides of the eyes, under the eyes, under the nose, on the chin, an inch under the collarbone, under the arm, and on the top of the head.

It is easy for adults to do EFT tapping, but even easier for children. When doing a session, it begins by asking to connect to the emotion and how intense it feels. As they engage with the emotion while they tap, they begin to feel much more calmer and begin to release the emotion. Children tend to not overthink things, which makes it easier for them to learn tapping and release their big feelings. If they know tapping will help them feel better, then they happily are willing to do it. If parents model tapping, then children will be much more inclined to do it as well. Remember that children learn by modeling, so use this to your advantage to help you child with their stress and anxiety.

Remember that emotions can feel very overwhelming for children, but with EFT they can feel better with just a few taps.