Fear is a very strong feeling that sometimes can stop us in our tracks, especially when it comes to following our dreams. Fear can paralyze us from moving forward with what we want. It can also bring up other fears that are dormant within us such as fear of failure and other anxieties. In order to overcome our fears, we can take these simple steps to move us closer to follow our dreams and shattering our fears.

  1. Have a Clear Picture of Your Dreams: It is important to have a clear picture of your dreams. It is to write a book, have a certain job, travel the world, etc.…To know where you are going, you need to have a clear plan of what you want. Establish this first to help you stay away from your fears and anxieties.
  2. Do Something Daily for your Dream: To make your dream a reality, do something every day that gets you closer to your dreams. This will keep you moving forward to easily reach it.
  3. Visualize Achieving Your Dream: Visualization is a very powerful tool to use to imagine the final result. Imagine yourself achieving your dream and feel motivated. Feel the emotions that you would feel once you have what you always dreamed of. This will help you feel positive about your goal and see it as a success.
  4. Vocalize Your Dream: By talking about what you want to accomplish and your dream it will help it become a reality. You will also gain support from loved ones and friends, which will aid in keeping you accountable to achieve this goal.
  5. Find People Who Have Achieved Your Dream & Be Inspired: When you find people who have followed their dreams, or your dream in particular, it will help you connect with those you have something in common with. This will help you succeed and conquer your fears in the way of finally reaching what you little hear desires.

Anything is possible. Remember that although following one’s dreams can seem scary, making a plan and taking the right steps can help diminish it. It is said that if you do things outside of your comfort zone that’s when you grow and overcome your fears. Don’t let anything stop you.