When it comes to taking tests and wrapping up the school year, some students breeze through it without a worry. However, some students might find it anxiety-inducing, frightening, or stressful. If your child feels the latter, they might need some help handling and managing their feelings around test taking.

Some anxiety around test taking is normal. You or your student might feel butterflies on the day of a big test or might stay up a little too late studying the night before. It’s normal to feel a little nervous right before you start taking a test, but when does it become something that’s not normal? It becomes abnormal and unhealthy when it starts affecting physical or mental health – when you or your student begin experiencing panic attacks before tests, skipping school to avoid taking tests entirely, losing sleep because of tests, or experiencing nausea or dizziness during or before taking an exam. Those physical and mental effects are not normal and should be a directive to call a professional.

Anxiety around test taking can stem from insecurities about yourself – do you feel you’re not good enough, not up to par with others or to school standards, or feel that you’re simply not intelligent enough to perform well on exams? Or do you just not perform well under pressure? No matter where your anxiety stems from, it’s important to make sure that you have a way to deal with it and handle it in a healthy way. If it’s affecting your schoolwork including your grades, friendships with peers, and relationships with your professors, it’s time for an intervention.
I can help you or your student manage your anxiety around test taking and exams, which is a relatively common fear, especially around this time of year when the school year is wrapping up. Instead of suffering in silence with paralyzing anxiety, learn more about how Fear Busters works, and the amazing healing powers of modern energy techniques and modern energy tapping. A past client whose child had extreme anxiety around school said:

“Thank you so much for helping our child overcome their dread. The trauma in previous years has been extreme. This year, thanks to all your input, when the school year started we had a composed and smiling child! May you continue to work your magic on many other people, for many years to come!”

I can help you or your child overcome the fears they’re experiencing and help them get down to the source of their anxiety and learn a helpful and healing way to handle their feelings. Contact me at lauren@fear-busters.com for more details.