For many children across the world, wetting the bed is a common childhood experience that, although unpleasant and upsetting to both parents and children, is sort of a rite of passage that many children go through at some point.

For some children, it’s the result of bad dreams, fear of separation from parents, anxiety about sleeping, or fear of the dark. It can be the result of a combination of fears that culminates in bedwetting, which, without treatment, can become a persistent habit that lasts longer than the average child. However, for other children, bedwetting is caused by a feeling of being unsafe, or a terror of something that they feel might hurt them in the dark, while they’re alone in their beds. It’s something a little stronger than the average child, and which requires professional treatment to address and handle. If your child is experiencing an abnormal stage of bedwetting, or you feel that the cause of their bedwetting is something outside of the norm, it’s time to consult a professional to get to the root cause of the issue.

A child’s fears and anxieties are different than adults – a bump in the night may transform in their minds, to monsters, beasts, and other otherworldly things. But it’s important to take their fears and anxieties seriously, in order to make sure that their mental health is good, and that they don’t carry these fears into adulthood.

I have years of experience working with children of all ages to resolve their bedwetting issues and get to the source of the cause behind them. I provide them with a stress-free, non-judgmental environment where they can relax and immerse themselves in a therapeutic experience that both heals and calms their minds. Instead of jumping to medications or other typical options for your child, call me to learn more about modern energy techniques and how they can help your child resolve their anxiety and learn to control their bodies.

One client said, “We were hesitant to try methods outside of those our pediatrician suggested, but we gave it a try. After nine years of rarely one dry night, our son was dry after two weeks, and far happier about himself. It was an amazing achievement in such a short space of time.”

Another client said, “Our 8-year-old was still in night pants. Using her amazing skills, Lauren was able to change our daughter’s mindset and just two weeks later, she was completely dry at night, and very happy. You won’t believe how effective Lauren’s style of therapy is.”

Positively impacting your child’s health, and happiness, is worth trying out something that may seem a little unconventional to you. Through art and color therapy, as well as modern energy techniques that soothe and heal, I can help you and your child get to a better place and ensure that you both head home with a happier mindset.