Weight Management

Are you having issues with your weight?

Have you tried diets and exercise but still don’t seem to lose the weight you want?

Did you know emotions are associated to weight management?

It is important to understand that the issue of weight management can come from an unconscious factor and emotion. This can cause your weight to increase. The issue therefore is to solve the problem that first started this weight gain. It is important to look at the underlying issue and resolve the emotion, trauma, belief that led to this increase. Lauren can help you uncover the underlying issue in order to help you resolve it and move forward with your life.

Programs we offer:

1-1 Session with Lauren

Book a session with Lauren to help you with weight management! She can help!

Book a 50 minute session with Lauren to help clear any issue relating to weight management that is getting in the way of feeling confident with your body and in control.

These sessions can take place during our daytime regular office hours of 8am – 5pm or you can schedule them outside our regular office hours from 5pm – 10pm & Sundays for an extra cost. All sessions are online via Zoom.

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