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What is Separation Anxiety and How to Get On Top Of It

What is Separation Anxiety and How to Get On Top Of It   With the Covid-19 lockdown still being a very present force in all of our lives, it is essential to take a look at the struggles that this enforced isolation puts on us. Researchers and experts have stated that strict public health measures […]

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How an unusual phobia can affect our life?

Do you think  our behaviours and experiences learned in childhood can determine our perception and mindset throughout our lives ? Do you think it  may lead to many struggles to live with what may seem to others as strange or peculiar fears or phobias, but which can be just as devastating on the sufferer”s life […]

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Mum & EFT

Tantrums. Laundry. Work. Traffic. Finances. Emotional needs. Housekeeping. School. When you’re a mum, you might experience all of these stressors, and more, on a daily basis. Whether you have a dirty house, a hefty daycare bill, or trouble balancing work life and home life, being a mom can come with many worries attached. When you’re […]

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