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Mum & EFT

Tantrums. Laundry. Work. Traffic. Finances. Emotional needs. Housekeeping. School. When you’re a mum, you might experience all of these stressors, and more, on a daily basis. Whether you have a dirty house, a hefty daycare bill, or trouble balancing work life and home life, being a mom can come with many worries attached. When you’re […]

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Are you a Woman Suffering from Overwhelm?

Are you a woman who is struggling with overwhelm which is causing you a lot of stress? You have so much to do and too little time? You are trying to juggle home, work and family and you have no time for yourself? Do you find that: Your ‘to do’ list is getting on top […]

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Fear of Heights

Many people feel very nervous when they are higher that we are meant to be! This could be on a high building or, for some, even on a chair. But for some people that nervousness turns into a fear that is very debilitating and actually stops you doing things. When you are high up… Panic […]

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