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5 ways to switch off from technology

The average Brit checks their phone 28 times a day, roughly once an hour, and it seems that we can’t stop. Our addiction to technology is only getting worse, and we have become solely reliant on how we use our phones, iPads and computers. Put it this way, without technology, a question rises ‘would we […]

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Vets have some of the highest suicide rates in the UK

Suicide rates among fresh graduate vets are on the rise in the UK, and something must be done. Latest figures released by the British Veterinary Association (BVA), show that the UK’s 22,000 vets have a suicide rate almost four times higher than the national average. Vets, like other medical professions in the UK suffer from […]

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Millennials in Britain have some of the worst mental wellbeing

Millennials, also known as Generation Y, follow Generation X and are often representing those born in the early 1980’s and the mid 1990’s to early 2000s. Millennials are a tough nut to crack in society, having experienced a lot of change economically, socially and culturally. Millennials seem to be the ones to carry a stigma […]

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